Catapult Lakeland Spotlight

I feel honored to have been featured by Catapult Lakeland recently in the Life section of the Lakeland Ledger, some of which you may recognize from our About Us page.

Here is the copy from the spotlight:

Andrea is Lakeland native who earned her Bachelor’s in Merchandising at Florida State University and later her MBA at Florida Southern. Andrea’s career has been a varied journey that began in retail, took her into higher education, and most recently landed in the oil and gas industry. Along this seemingly arbitrary path, one thing has remained constant: in each of her roles, her experience and expertise with social media marketing, e-mail campaigns, website management, and other marketing tools helped drive the businesses to reach benchmarks and goals that ultimately led to success. Having developed a passion for all things marketing and technology, Andrea decided it was time to branch out on her own: thus DreaM Digital was born!

What is your business? Digital Marketing – Social Media Content Creation & Management, Website Design/Maintenance, Email Marketing, Etc.

Who are your clients? Though I am open to working with anyone, I created this business out of my love for small businesses. I see many struggling with social media, either in quality of content, or lack of consistency, even lack of existence. I want to help them grow and succeed.

What are some business wins? One of my clients had great success with an email campaign I created for her. She increased revenue on one item by 1400% the day after the email went out.

What are your short-term goals? Keep learning and trying to succeed with my current clients.

Why Lakeland? Why anywhere else?! I am a lover of all things Lakeland. I have lived here (off and on) since I was 6 and I fully enjoy watching the growth that keeps happening with this city.

How has Catapult helped you? I’ve met a client and some potential clients already just from attending one event!

Secret Sauce? The best support system – Jesus and my husband. My husband specifically has no entrepreneurial bone in his body, he thinks it’s too high risk, but he also wants me to be happy and pursue my dreams. He is an awesome support.

Of course I can’t leave out the snippet from the paper! Not sure how my head was squished, but I will let it go this time. 😉

Catapult Lakeland is a great support!! If you are launching a new business, I highly recommend joining! Visit for more information.

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