Shopify Store Setup

Are you starting an e-commerce site and need help setting up a shopify store? Save time and frustration with DreaM Digital!

Shopify is a great platform to sell your products, but it can be a bit confusing on the back end of things.

Whether you want to utilize Shopify to set up your own online store, Facebook shop, Instagram shop, or one of many other options, we’ve got you covered!

All you want is to list your products, but then it comes in multiple colors, sizes, and suddently it becomes all sorts of confusing and overwhelming. Then how do you make your home page look pretty? Customize the colors? Add the logo?

Shopify has many amazing tools to be utilized, and can really help your business. Say you have a group of Halloween shirts to sell. You can list each shirt, including all of the colors and sizes available (and prices can vary by size/color as well!), and tag each of them as Halloween. Once your collection is uploaded and ready to go, you can feature this collection on your website, Facebook page, and/or Instagram!

How easy would it be for your customers to shop directly from Facebook? I know you’ve seen the “shop now” button on Instagram.

Shopify has basically any payment option available also, which makes it easier for your customers to place orders with you. Say you need to ship something, but you want the shipping charge to vary based on orders placed. You can set up individual shipping costs that will automatically calculate for the customer at checkout! How cool is that?

What if you want some SEO setup, or your own domain name? We can help with that also.

Have you ever received an e-mail about items you’ve left in your cart while shopping? Shopify offers this feature as well! This is actually one of the most successful retargeting practices you can use online.

All the elements of Shopify can take some time and be a little tricky. Let us do the hard part, and you can focus on selling your merchandise!

Contact us today and let us know how we can help! We are happy to help with just a small part or all of your Shopify store setup.

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