Do you sometimes get writer’s block when it comes to crafting the perfect social media post? There are so many options out there, right? Should I post a trending meme, maybe a cute dog video, or a super informative infographic?

When you’re unsure of what to post, the most important question to ask yourself is,

“What can I post on social media that will benefit my audience the most?”

While the goal of social media for business is to increase sales, the best way to do that is to earn your audience’s trust first. Giving them something of value (for free!) is just the ticket to do that.

Your business’s social media page should be a place where customers can come to learn about your products and services, click to buy, but most importantly to gain something useful to them.

So what’s the perfect mix of posts? Educate, entertain, empathize.


Just stating what you do in your business is not enough. It’s important to show your audience the process, and address any questions people may have about it. Say you own a spa, for example, and you offer facials. What would you say to someone who has never had a facial? My recommendation would be to post a video of a facial (or some images in a slide show, even) to show what it is. Then in the video or in the text of the post, explain the process and what it is.

Additionally, you can add some FAQs in your text, but I’ll give you bonus points if you ask your audience if they have questions, let them post in the comments, then you answer. I’ll tell you why in step 3.


It’s not all about educating and selling! Why do people jump on the ‘gram and FB these days? Is it to see what people are selling so they can buy it? Uhhhhh doubt it. They are looking to be entertained!! They want something funny, or inpsiring and uplifting, or maybe a virtual hug because it’s Monday and Mondays are hard. Because they are, like, really hard. Yay Monday. Coffee, anyone?

So what if that hilarious video of your cat has absolutely nothing to do with your lawn care business?! It’s FUNNY. And people want funny. Post it! If you can, tie it in with your business. If you can’t, just say “because it’s Monday and you need something funny on your news feed.” Simple as that! Entertainment = value. Value = more likes for your business page on social media.


This is the most fun one! Engagement is all the rage these days, but interacting with our clients is what we love best, right? To empathize with your audience, post a poll, question, or other type of post that prompts your audience to get involved. Our friends over at Replay Lakeland got their audience involved by asking them to name their new mannequins. What a fun & clever way to engage your audience!

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