Finding free stock images that you are allowed to use commercially and legally, isn’t always easy. Whether you’re looking for cutesy, artistic, or spooky, I’ve compiled my favorites below. 🎃

While it’s not necessary to credit the author, they would appreciate it if you did! So consider the credit when you are posting free stock images, but know you don’t legally have to do so.

Everyone loves a good pumpkin, especially those who are a bit more basic, eh? This halloween stock image is great for fall in general, so can carry you longer than just the Halloween season. Credit for the pumpkins goes to Scott Webb, and it’s licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Just add some text in the upper right portion of this photo, and you have a festive social media post ready to go! Oh My Ghourd, it’s so easy!

pumpkin free stock images
Oh my Ghourd, what a cute stock photo!

Where my coffee lovers at?! There’s nothing better than an instagrammable latte that warms your soul, right?! I love this image from Toa Heftiba. While I think you should go thank him for this adorably spooky photo, you do not have to give him credit in your post as it is released under creative commons public domain.

ghost coffee free stock photo
Ghost coffee looks spooky yet delicious. Cheers to free stock photos!

Hosting a Halloween networking event? Try out these chatty skeletons from NeONBRAND. They are sure to be a conversation starter, and definitely an attention grabber to attract attendees to your event. This photo is released for free under the Unsplash license.

halloween stock image skeletons talking
These guys are super chatty. Wonder if they’re cold. They seem underdressed.

Who doesn’t love puppies?! While cats tend to be loved or hated, it seems like everyone loves dogs. What’s better than a regular dog photo? A ghost dog photo, of course! I’m sure you can put this ghost Fido to good use. If you do, please tag DreaM Digital! I want to see it! This adorable pup is covered under Shopify’s Burst License, so no attribution is required. Please make sure you abide by the Burst Terms & Agreements though, if you use this one.

ghost puppy free stock images
Woof! I mean Boo!

The “Gram” is pretty big these days, with everyone competing for the best pictures. If you’re looking to grab attention on your Instagram feed, this pumpkin picture should do the trick! This is a good one for posting a link or blog post, but grabbing attention with a picture first so your audience will want to click on your link! Jon Tyson is the photographer behind this image. No attribution required, as it is covered by Unsplash’s license.

Lots of pumpkins free stock images
All the pumpkins

Last but certainly not least, Halloween is not Halloween without a good jack-o-lantern, am I right?! While it would be even cooler for you to carve and photograh your own, who has time for that?! Instead, download this one from David Menidrey and give him a nod for doing the hard work for you. Thanks, David! We appreciate you! This image is covered by Unsplash’s photo license, so giving credit when posting is not necessary.

smiling jack-o-lantern free stock images
Jack-o-lanterns love to smile. What are they thinking about?

Now that you have your free stock images picked out, go over to my post on how to craft the best social media post, and get to posting! Your audience wants to hear from you!

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a haunted day. 👻

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