Are you starting a new business, or maybe have had one but want to take some steps to promote it? Run through our checklist and set yourself up for success!

  1. Get a logo. Pay someone to design one for you, or do it yourself! Canva is a great platform to do so, it’s free and easy. Make sure you consider where you will be placing your logo. Is the design multiple colors? How will that translate if you screen print shirts in one color? What about embroidery? Thinking about these aspects up front can save you money in the long run. Clean, simple lines make for easier transformations onto different media types.

    Additionally, there are studies that show the effectiveness of logos. Check out this article from HBR about logos, and have fun designing!

  2. Set up your Social Media Accounts ASAP. Your profile picture and cover photo should complement each other, and send the message about what it is your business does. It’s also very important you use your own images or acquire stock photos that are licensed for commercial use. Here is a great example from one of our clients!

    If you are able to do a cover video, that is even better. The algorithms LOVE video, especially on Facebook. Make sure your business is on Facebook and Instagram at the very least. If you run a B2B company, LinkedIn is important also.

  3. Start building your email subscriber list!! Even if at first, that is a simple piece of paper asking your customers for their name and email address. You can input it later. Or if you’re really on top of your game, you already have an email client you use (or at least signed up for, right? 😉). Any client is fine, but we personally use and have partnered with Constant Contact. You can get it here.

    I know this will make you feel pressured to email your audience, and you definitely should do that. But don’t let it be a reason you don’t start your list. The reason list building is important is (1) it’s another way to reach your audience. It takes around 10 touches on average before a consumer buys. E-mail is considered a touch, so you can send out 5 emails and get half of your touches that way. (2) You can use the list later to create a lookalike audience, where you plug your list into Facebook and ask them to show your ads to people who are like those on your list, but not those people on your list. (3) It’s a good way to communicate to those consumers and potential consumers who don’t use social media, but do check their email every day.

There are lots more things to do when starting a new business, but those 3 steps should get you started in the right direction! For a guide on what to post on your social media pages, check out this post on content.

Happy promoting, and good luck with your new business!

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